Adaptive Case Management


Create work folders to group all of the information related to a single request, including all incoming/outgoing documents, parameters, tasks and contacts.
A checklist will guide the administrators through the various tasks required to manage the file. Each action, decision and authorization will be saved to ensure complete accountability.

Make collaboration between different participants easier. Each person will have access to all of the information they need to do their job.
Predefined workflows (requests for advice, revision or authorization) facilitate the coordination of the different contributors.

Create outgoing documents based on templates in a single click. The documents can be filled out in advance with the file's information (sender, addressee, reference, etc.) and can be edited before sending.

Monitor the overall progress of your department's cases in terms of their deadlines with the schedule planner.
Documents will no longer remain blocked because of the absence of its specific administrator.

Configure your own file templates, checklists and document models without programming.
Monitor document volumes and flows through various indicators. Optimize job-specific procedures to avoid slowdowns or blockages.


case management - overview
case management - detail