Correspondence and case management for Alfresco

Our history and culture are based on writing and paper. So it's not very surprising that our filing cabinets overflow with documents and the efficiency of our procedures relies on the speed with which an envelope can transit from one office to another.

Realdolmen has a extensive document management experience and is ideally positioned to help you transform your documents and associated management procedures into a almost entirely paper-free system.

You cannot just digitalize your documents and claim to be "paperless", you also need a tool which will add value to the digitized documents, which will transcend the procedures put in place by your organization.

In response to this, Realdolmen has developed a tool to meet these new requirements: RProve (Correspondence and Case Management). This is an extension to the Alfresco software package, the leading document management tool.

RProve is:

  • intuitive and user friendly
  • easily adaptable to your own organization and procedures
  • extensible to integrate with your existing infrastructure



Realdolmen has been an Alfresco Gold Partner for many years.

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